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World Championship 2018 Celebration Event

Tempted to get that 20th Secret Rare version of Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician from the World Championship? Now you have a chance to get it, even without going to Japan!

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Card History

Ever wondered what card was made when? Or whether any cards were ever released during a specific date, like your birthday? Konami’s newest addition to the 20th Anniversary Site helps you find out!

OCG Limit Regulation July 2018

This is the full list for the OCG Limit Regulation starting from July 2018. Changes are listed in red and the lists will be accompanied by their corresponding picture for easier reference.

Asia Championship 2018 Main Event

The details for the Asia Championship 2018 is in, with information about the main event and for a side event tournament that goes on for the public at the same time!

[18TP] Tournament Pack 2018 Vol. 3

The contents of the upcoming Tournament Pack for July to September 2018 in the OCG has just been announced, and it seems to suggest the contents of the upcoming Soul Fusion booster pack!