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20th Monster Selection Voting Contest

Japan has previously held a 20th Monster Selection Voting Contest where everyone could vote for their favourite monster from all 6 anime series so far. Here are the results with the top 5 monsters shown for every series! Do you agree with the results?

VJump Dream Promotional Card Concept Voting Results

If you are a Speedroid fan, you will definitely remember the VJump Dream Promotional Card Concept Voting contest that took place a couple of months ago where you could vote for the type of promotional card that you can get. Well the results are out,

[RUL] Rank-Up League Autumn 2018 Duel Field Designs

The Autumn 2018 Rank-Up League Duel Fields have been announced and it’s based on the boss monsters of the latest theme from Savage Strike, the Guardragons! The on-going Season 3 (October 2018 to December 2018) for the Ranking Tournaments is coming to an end soon

YOT Hong Kong 2018

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament (YOT) in Asia for the year end has just been announced! It’s gonna be in Hong Kong in December, and Sky Striker Ace – Kaina is on the mat!

OCG Limit Regulation October 2018

This is the full list for the OCG Limit Regulation starting from 1st October 2018 and lasts till 31 December 2018. Changes are listed in red and the lists will be accompanied by their corresponding picture for easier reference.