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[17TP] Blowback Dragon Reprint

The first reveal for the next tournament pack (October 2017 season) has just been revealed, with Blowback Dragon for your Bandit Keith coin tossing decks!

Card Illustration Voting Contest

Have a card that you absolutely want to be made into card sleeves? A new voting contest is here and it lets you vote for any Yu-Gi-Oh! card you want to be made into card sleeves!

World Championship 2017 Details

On the event side of news, the details for the World Championship 2017 has finally been announced, and attendees will receive some promotional cards that many players will be very interested in!!

OCG Limit Regulation July 2017

This is the full list for the OCG Limit Regulation starting from July 2017. Changes are listed in red and the lists will be accompanied by their corresponding picture for easier reference.