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Asia Championship Winter 2019: Feature Match Finals

We are here, at the Finals of our Asia Championship Winter 2019. Let’s welcome both players back to the Feature Match Spotlight. Espiritu Angelino from Philippines had just won the previous match. This is his third time at our Feature Match table today. Joing us

Asia Championship Winter 2019: Feature Match Semi-Final

We are here now at the Semi-Finals of Asia Championship Winter 2019. The representatives have fought hard after four rounds of Swiss to make it to the Top Cut. Lunch break have just ended and it is time to resume the games. Sherwyn Lim (SG)

Asia Championship Winter 2019: Final Pairing and Result

Espiritu Angelino (PH) won Huang Cheng Yao (TW). To find out more, stay tuned for our Feature Match: Finals. Espiritu Angelino (PH) is our newest Asia Champion!! This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.