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Welcome to Day 1 of YOT Hong Kong 2017

This is our 5th Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament and we are back in Hong Kong. YOT Hong Kong 2017 will be the most anticipated event for it is the very first major tournament using the New Master Rule, the OCG 2017.04 Limit Regulation, and new cards

Introduction to the Stargrails

With the Code of the Duelist booster pack getting released soon, it’s time to do an in-depth look at the Stargrails, the first fully revealed Link Monster theme!

Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua

Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua was spotted in the Side Deck of a [Demise True Draco] decklist for the 2nd ORANGE CS Team Battle (1/4) tournament. It was used by Player C of the Runner-Up Team. Today, we shall discuss the utility and function of Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua as a


A playset of PSY-Framegear Gamma and a lone copy of PSY-Frame Driver can be seen in the winning decks of 160th ALANN CUP.  A Lawnmowing Infernoid, placing first, ran it in their Main Deck, whereas the runner-up who piloted True Draco Metalfoes Kozmo sided it instead. In this article, we will discuss the

Vision HERO Vyon 2.0

Unfortunately, the play suggested in the previous article would not function under the new Master Rule. Today, this article will modify the combo to include a few additional steps for the play to work.

Vision HERO Vyon

Elemental HERO Stratos‘ status in the TCG Forbidden List has always been a controversial one. The recent Premium Pack 19 brought Vision HERO Vyon to the OCG. With the help of Elemental HERO Stratos, a single card can now extrapolate into two Beatrice, The Eternal Lady summoned onto