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OCG 2017.04 with Trickstar

Players are becoming more creative with the Trickstar archetype. Today, we review and introduce some of the popular cards that players choose to pilot in a Trickstar deck.

Magic Deflector

Magic Deflector debuted as a common in the OCG’s Booster Pack Abyss Rising. Today, half a decade later, Magic Deflector might just prove to a staple for the format.

Fiend Comedian

60-card decks are getting popular since the release of That Grass Looks Greener, the decks’ signature advantage-generating card. Today we analyse the problems of a 60-card deck Mirror Match while introducing a card that might prove to be useful – Fiend Comedian.

Trickstar Paleozoic

While Twin Dust Storm may be getting all the attention from Paleozoic players, I would like to redirect your attention to the Trickstar archetype. Previously, Dsummon wrote about the Trickster archetype. I am here today to convince you too, to pick up the archetype, especially if you

Trickstar Reincarnation

The Trickstars were introduced in the recent Code of the Duelist as an upcoming VRAINS anime theme used by Aoi Zaizen, bringing along a support trap card, Trickster Reincarnation. With this easily searchable card which can disrupt your opponent’s plays and even potentially clear out your opponent’s

YOT Hong Kong 2017: Feature Match Final

For the final match of YOT Hong Kong 2017 main event, we have 2 accomplished players dueling for the title of the 5th YOT Champion, as well as an invitation to the Asia Championship 2017. On our left we have Ke Liu Qiang playing True