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Vision HERO Vyon 2.0

Unfortunately, the play suggested in the previous article would not function under the new Master Rule. Today, this article will modify the combo to include a few additional steps for the play to work.

Vision HERO Vyon

Elemental HERO Stratos‘ status in the TCG Forbidden List has always been a controversial one. The recent Premium Pack 19 brought Vision HERO Vyon to the OCG. With the help of Elemental HERO Stratos, a single card can now extrapolate into two Beatrice, The Eternal Lady summoned onto

Fairy Tail – Kaguya

“Magician” Pendulum decks had always faced the challenge of prepared opponents with Anti-Spell Fragrance and  Imperial Order. On top of that, rulings for Iris Magician disappointed the initially hopeful fans. Today, I am here to introduce you the idea of Fairy Tail – Kaguya in a “Magician” Pendulum deck. Hopefully, this

Zoodiac Invoked OTKs

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of the Zoodiac Invoked Combos. Previously, we discussed the steps in establishing a first-turn board. Today, we will focus on the One-Turn Kill aspect of the deck.