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大家好,我是來自香港的亞洲裁判 HoShing Wu。網上ID為 幻想崩壞, 亦在簡書網設有個人博客。我仍只是在追仿Top Player,請大家多多指教。

Startime Magician

Startime Magician debuted in the most recent Structure Deck – SD31: Pendulum Evolution. For those who failed to register, now would be an time for us to appreciate how this card is appropriately named by combining the names of Arc-V anime Protagonist Yuya’s first two iconic monsters,

Invoking Thunder Dragon

An Artifact Windwitch Invoked deck was spotted running Thunder Dragon in a tournament not too long ago – Hatti CS X Dragon Star Cup Nipponbashi (23/12). In this article, we will discuss the utility of running Thunder Dragon in a Fusion-centric deck.


A certain magical Invoker who recklessly summons the Invoked. In this article, we will review the Invoked archetype and combos.


大家好,先做一下自我介紹吧。我是來自香港的亞洲裁判 HoShing Wu,在網上常用的ID是幻想崩壞,同時也是個期望自己競技水準有所提高的玩家。從今天起會負責Beyond The Duel中文文章的更新,主要涉及競技方面的經驗和分析。另外我亦在簡書網設有個人博客。雖然至今我仍只是在追仿Top Player,還請大家多多指教。

Zoodiac Paleozoic

Paleozoic players are faced with the limitation of Toadally Awesome in the January 2017 format. The previous idea of playing a Frog engine was to accelerate the summon of Toadally Awesome. This prevents the player from being too vulnerable when the opponent’s turn comes, as Paleozoic

Welcome to Beyond the Duel!

Welcome to Beyond the Duel! Come on in to find out more about us! 歡迎來到Beyond the Duel!請進入多瞭解我們!