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[LVP2] Train reprints & Official Deck List

Another sample deck list is out from Konami, which reveals train related reprints in the LINK VRAINS Pack and further confirms that the previously revealed artwork will be a link monster for the Train deck!

Hieratic Guardragon Deck List

Interested in trying out a consistent Guardragon deck that doesnt rely on the Gandora X FTK? Here is a deck list to try out!

Sasuga Cup Season 5 (28/9)

Date: 28 September 2018 Limit Regulation List: October 2018 OCG Venue: Singapore Number of Participants: 16 Format: 4 rounds Swiss 1st Place: Subterror 2nd Place: Sekka Burning Abyss 3rd/4th Place: Full Monster Gallis 3rd/4th Place: Metalfoes Dinowrestler

Sasuga Cup Season 4 (31/8)

Date: 31 August 2018 Limit Regulation List: July 2018 OCG Venue: Singapore Number of Participants: 34 Format: 4 round Swiss 1st Place: Greener Infernoid 2nd Place: Star-Inspect Permission 3rd/4th Place: Greener Infernoid 3rd/4th Place: Shiranui