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[Duel Links] Crimson Kingdom BOX

With the end of the World Championship Qualifiers for Duel Links, it’s time for a new BOX to be released into Duel Links, bringing about new themes to the game!

[Duel Links] Yugi Muto Birthday

Guess what, it’s almost time for Yugi Muto’s birthday! With that in mind, here’s some gems and a bunch of freebies for you on Duel Links!

[Duel Links] World Championship

Time to start putting some effort into your Duel Links gameplay guys, there is now going to be a Duel Links division for the World Championship 2017!

[Duel Links] Yami Bakura

The upcoming event on 23 March 2017 will debut the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring – Yami Bakura.