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[LVP2] Shien’s Dojo Reprint

Need more cards that can get you Bushido Counters? LINK VRAINS Pack 2 has just confirmed Shien’s Dojo to be reprinted inside the pack!

[19PP] Premium Pack 2019

Premium Pack just got a name change where it’s now named according to the year of release, and they have new cards announced that support the recent releases like Salamangreat, Aki’s plants, Zombies and more!

[SD35] Salamangreat Claw

Meanwhile in twitter news, we got a new equip spell for the Salamangreat which will help you beat for even more damage!

[LVP2] Double Header Anger Knuckle

The much teased Train link monster has finally been released where this one helps you summon out even more trains on your field! Also reprint news for LINK VRAINS Pack 2!