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[CYHO-TCG] Contact Gate

Hold on to your Neo-Spacian hats boys! The sneak peek promotional card for Cybernetic Horizon in TCG has just been revealed and it gives the theme a nice boost!

[SD34] Full Card List Revealed

As always for Structure Decks, Japan has released the full list of Master Link which goes on sale this weekend! Time to see the various reprints that go into this deck!

[SD34] Profibit Snake

The regular Wednesday tweet reveals one last new card for this week’s Master Link structure deck, with a new monster that helps your Cyberse clear troublesome monsters and retrieve cards from the graveyard!

[VJMP] Cyber Dragon Nächster

The next VJump promo has been announced, and it looks like it’s the year of the Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyber Dragons that is!

[DBHS] Sacred Phoenix Of Nephthys Reprint

If you ever had any doubt that the legacy theme getting support in the Deck Build Pack – Hidden Summoners is Nepthys, here’s your confirmation. Sacred Phoenix Of Nephthys is getting a reprint!

Savage Strike Booster Pack

As news starts coming in for Soul Fusion, we get the name for the next OCG Main Booster! Get ready for Savage Strike!