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[FLOD-TCG] Vendread Anima

The next bits of TCG WP cards for Flames of Destruction has been announced with a new Vendread card and promising 4 more to come!

[CP18] New Timelords

Its finally time for some actual card news from the website, and we’re starting off with new Timelord cards from the Collectors Pack 2018!!

[CYHO] Introducing the Palladions

Saw the new Palladion theme name from the new card mentioned yesterday and want to find out more about it?  Information about them has just been revealed!

[CYHO] Arch-Lord Palladion

This seems to be the Boss monster for a new Archetype debuting in Cybernetic Horizon! Here is a hint, take a look at the sword, and you might just know who is the Arch-lord in disguise!