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[DBSW] The Six Shinobi

The Six Samurai just received a win condition card but it might be bit difficult to achieve! Time to spam the board!!

[CIBR] Mecha Phantom Beast Raiten

After lots of teasing with Mecha Phantom Beast related tweets, the OCG Twitter finally delivers with a new card for the theme in Circuit Break!

[CIBR] Struggling Battle

Six Samurai gets a new trap!! Well, just the artwork only though. Here’s a generic trap for Circuit Break which looks like it balances out the game when you are at a disadvantage!

[CIBR] Asymmetaphys

A new card has been revealed! And it seems to be giving quite an edge for Metaphys decks debuting in Circuit Break.

[CIBR] Duck Dropper

How would you use this semi invincible monster? Here’s a new gemini monster revealed for Circuit Break!