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[WJMP] Relinquished Anima

Its been awhile since Weekly Jump had a promo card, and a new one has been announced for Pegasus’s Relinquished theme to have a link monster!!

[CYHO] Cyber Dragon Vier

More Cyber Dragon news makes for a nice long weekend! It’s a new Cyber Dragon monster that can special summon itself!

[CYHO] Cyber Dragon Hertz

One of the new Cyber Dragon monsters from the posters have been revealed! The deck gets a new Cyber Dragon that helps to search through the deck! Also, time to get those Machine Duplication!

[CYHO] Dragunity Drive

A new Dragunity support card pays tribute to a very old manga (Dragon Drive) with it’s name! Here’s Dragunity Drive!!

[CYHO] Ballista Squad

2 cards for a generic destruction? This could be nice to use after you have gotten the effects off your monsters!

[ST18] Starter Deck 2018 Full List

The full check list for Starter Deck 2018 is out! Just so you know what you get when you buy the deck for those Linkuribohs and a chance at that collectible card promotion!

[ST18] Linkuriboh Reprint

This should make it easier to get for people who haven’t gotten it yet… Linkuriboh is getting a reprint in the Starter Deck 2018!!