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[CIBR] Personal Spoofing

Personal Spoofing / パーソナル・スプーフィング Continuous Trap Card (1) Once per turn: You can return 1 “Altergeist” card from your hand or that is face-up on your field to the Deck; add 1 “Altergeist” monster from your Deck to your hand. English translation by The Organization.

[DBSW] Rainbow Weathery Arciel

After all the love for the Six Samurais and Magibullet, the Weathery finally gets a card reveal, and it turns out to be a link boss monster!

[CIBR] Crawler Receptor

You know how bugs are like where you find one, chances are there’s a whole nest of them nearby? Here’s a Crawler that searches out more of it’s kind!

[DBSW] Magibullet – Death-perado

Here’s more Magibullet cards that you can activate from hand, and this one is a really nice one that just destroys any face-up card on the field!

[CIBR] Shut Line

Where you position your cards is getting more and more important. Here’s a new card that can be activated depending on the cards’ positions with Shut Line!

[DBSW] The Six Shinobi

The Six Samurai just received a win condition card but it might be bit difficult to achieve! Time to spam the board!!