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[DP19] Ojamaparty

It’s time to reveal the final Manjoume card and the Ojamas are having a party to celebrate! 

[LVP1] Heavymetalfoes Electrum

Spoilers from the LINK VRAINS Pack are always the most exciting and this one is no different! It’s a new Link monster that specifically helps you pendulum summon any pendulum monster you want in your deck!

[DP19] Crystal Bonds

Crystal Beasts are getting a nice searcher for the deck finally with this brand new Crystal Bonds which sets up your Crystal Beasts in the back row too!

[DP19] Ancient Gear Golem Reprint

This reprint should come as no surprise considering that it’s named in many of the new support cards. Ancient Gear Golem is getting a reprint!

[LVP1] Perpetual King Archfiend

Wow the link support is seriously going old school with this. A new card has been announced for the LINK VRAINS Pack and it’s a new Archfiend link monster!