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[20AP 2nd Wave] Inzektor Dragonfly Reprint

If you needed an extra copy of Inzektor Dragonfly after it got unlimited in the recent OCG Limit Regulation January 2017, looks like the upcoming 20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave is the place to get it!

[SR04] Poster spoilers

More pictures finally showed up for the upcoming Structure Deck R: Tyranno’s Rage, revealing new Dino cards! Could these new cards finally get people interested to play Dinosaur decks?

[VJMP] Ancient Gear Golem – Mechanized Melee

The effect of the Ancient Gear Golem – Mechanized Melee promotional card announced for the next VJump is finally out! Looks like they really want everyone to try the fusion side of the Ancient Gear theme!

[20AP 2nd Wave] Master Piece

Remember Yuma’s trap card revealed in the 20th Anniversary Pack 2nd Wave poster couple of days back? The card effect is finally out!

[MACR] Baobaboon

New card for Maximum Crisis just got announced, and it looks good for switching out cards in your hand! MACR-JP034 バオバブーン Baobaboon Level 3 DARK Plant-Type Effect Monster ATK 1200 DEF 1000 (1) If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can draw 1