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[IGAS] Ignition Assault Display

Couple of days out from the release of Ignition Assault, we are getting a look at some nice foils which also confirm Sky Striker Ace – Roze and Lightning Storm are foils!

[IGAS] Ghostrick Fairy

Finally the much expected Ghostrick support has arrived, and she brings back her friends from the Graveyard!

[DP23] Performapal Pop-Up

Draw and getting an extra Pendulum Summon all in 1 card! What’s not to like for this new Performapal support? It even works as a draw engine for any deck!

[DP23] Synchro Chase

Want to spam more synchro summoning of Yusei’s Boss monsters? Here’s a new spell that helps with that!

[DP23] Dark Magic Secrets

A support spell for the Dark Magician theme has just been revealed, with a card that does both Fusion and Ritual!!