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Starter Deck 2019

The next Starter Deck has just been announced, and it includes a slight random factor for the decks too!

[SD35] Salamangreat Roar

Its been awhile but the product posters are finally providing news again, with a new Salamangreat support!

[SD35] Salamangreat Beat Bison

A new Salamangreat boss monster that’s not a link monster just came out which can special summon itself and even help recycle your link monsters!

[LVP2] Shien’s Dojo Reprint

Need more cards that can get you Bushido Counters? LINK VRAINS Pack 2 has just confirmed Shien’s Dojo to be reprinted inside the pack!

[19PP] Premium Pack 2019

Premium Pack just got a name change where it’s now named according to the year of release, and they have new cards announced that support the recent releases like Salamangreat, Aki’s plants, Zombies and more!