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[DBIC] Spin Turn

A new support trap for Earth Machine Xyz monsters has just been revealed with some single targeting destruction action!

[DBIC] Witchcraft Poterie

A new Witchcraft loli monster just got revealed and it looks like the low level monsters share the effect to fetch each other from the deck!

[DBIC] Outrigger Expand

The Rank-Up Magic for the Infinite Ignition (Or should I say Infinitrack) have just been revealed and it’s a permanent spell that also protects your Xyz monsters from targeting effects!

[VJMP] Ankuriboh effects revealed!

The new Ankuriboh has finally had it’s effect revealed and true to it’s artwork, it has effects related to Monster Reborn, including searching for it!

[20TH] Card of Spirit

A brand new card has just been updated to the official site for the 20th Anniversary Legend Collection, with text so small that effects can’t be made out!