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[CYHO] Cyberse Magician & other Cyberse support

As the anime goes on, you know there’s gonna be new Cyberse cards every main booster but did you ever expect… A Cyberse-type Ritual Monster!?!? Introducing Cyberse Magician, due for release in Cybernetic Horizon!!

[CYHO] Unification

The batterymen are doing it again, with a new trap card that unifies the charge of all batteries, I mean attack of all monsters!

[ST18] Monster Reborn Reprint

We’re probably gonna hear about news for a lot more staple reprints over the next 1 week. Monster Reborn is confirmed for Starter Deck 2018!

[CYHO] World Legacy Mekkmory

Looks like the Mekk-Knights will continue to get new cards in Cybernetic Horizon. They just got a new support spell which is like, really really good!

[ST18] Mirror Force Reprint

Revolver’s terrifying card is finally getting a (re)print in the upcoming Starter Deck 2018! It’s…. MIRROR FORCE!

[ST18] Lidron

Everyone gets a 2k attack vanilla nowadays! Here’s a new vanilla revealed for the Starter Deck 2018!