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[DP18] Armoroid Reprint

What was previously only available as a VJump subscription promo card has been confirmed for reprint in the Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist! Armoroid anyone?

[CIBR] Fire King Avatar Ganesha

It’s time for another old theme to get some new found love in Circuit Break with Fire King Avatar Ganesha! Negation for your Fire decks anyone?

[CBIR] Gouki Thunder Ogre

In preparation for Onizuka GO’s debut duel in the anime next week, a new Gouki link monster has just been announced for Circuit Break!

[CIBR] Mermail Nereiabyss

Looks like it’s time for another old favourite theme to receive some fresh new support! Here’s announcing Mermail Nereiabyss for Circuit Break!!

[SD32] Digitron

Don’t really like using Bittron since all it has is high defence? Here’s a different normal monster for your Draconnet, with Digitron! Coming to you soon in your Structure Deck: Cyberse Link~