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[CYHO] Beast Magic Attack

Looks like the Mythical Beast are getting new support in Cybernetic Horizon with a card name that sounds pretty familiar. BEAST MAGIC ATTACK!!

[FLOD-TCG] 5 new F.A. cards revealed

With the help of the community smashing the vote button, Konami Europe has just released a grand total of 5 new F.A. cards all at 1 go including a new win condition!!

[CYHO] Cybernetic Overflow

Here’s a nice Cyber Dragon trap card that can destroy your opponent’s cards, while loading your banished pile with Cyber Dragons for Cyber Network!

[WJMP] Relinquished Anima

Its been awhile since Weekly Jump had a promo card, and a new one has been announced for Pegasus’s Relinquished theme to have a link monster!!

[CYHO] Cyber Dragon Vier

More Cyber Dragon news makes for a nice long weekend! It’s a new Cyber Dragon monster that can special summon itself!