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[VJMP] Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist

Jounouchi fans are gonna love this one. Jounouchi takes the cover for Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist and get some nice new upgrades of old cards for the Red-Eyes theme!

[VJMP] Promo and misc Card News

It’s news time and we are starting off with a better look at one of the fastest alternate arts in the game with Firewall Dragon! Update: Master Guide promos added!

[CP17] Slow Life

It’s time for the Slow Life in Collectors Pack 2017 with a card that aims to slow down the game to a nice relaxing chill!

[WJMP] Firewall Dragon Alternate Art

Well that was quick. Firewall Dragon may be getting released only this weekend in Code of the Duelist but it will be getting an alternate art version later this month!

[COTD] Topologic Bomber Dragon & Cracking Dragon

Final bit of news before the pack actually gets released this weekend… More Code of the Duelist spoilers have been revealed with the second LINK-4 monster!! Could this be the antagonist’s ace monster?

[COTD] Traptrix Ranka

Another reveal for Code of the Duelist just came in from the OCG Twitter and a lot of people are going to be happy with this one. It’s a new Traptrix with Traptrix Ranka!!