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[VJMP-JUL17] Circuit Break News

It’s time for the monthly VJump news cycle and we are starting off with news from the upcoming main booster pack, Circuit Break with a brand new LINK-4 monster used by Revolver!

[EP17] Extra Pack 2017

Time for us in the OCG to get some SPYRAL and Subterror action! The Extra Pack 2017 has just been announced!

[SD32] Solemn Strike Reprint

Haven’t gotten your Solemn Strikes yet? Have no fear, here’s a reprint for it confirmed in the upcoming Structure Deck: Cyberse Link!

[CP17] Pack Spoilers

The Collectors Pack has finally been released in Japan! Time to finally see what else the pack contains with Ninjas, Gladiator Beasts and more!!

[VJMP] Link Disciple

The upcoming VJump promo has just been announced, and it’s a a new link monster for the Cyberse!

[DP18] Poster confirmed reprints

Need Water Dragons for that new Water Dragon Cluster? The Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist has just been unveiled, confirming reprints for some of the anime themes the pack supports!

[DP18] Water Dragon Cluster

New twitter spoilers this week reveals a new card for another GX character! Misawa (Bastion) is getting a new Water Dragon Cluster in the upcoming Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist!