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[VP17] Gouki Destroy Ogre

The last LINK VRAINS Edition card has finally been revealed and the new Gouki link Monster helps you to spam the board even more!

[VP17] Trickstar Bloody Mary

First whips, now handcuffs! Trickstar Bloody Mary’s effect has finally been revealed and she provides cards and life points instead of pain for the opponent!

[CIBR] Pack Spoilers

Japan has released a guide book for the Circuit Break booster pack and it comes with 3 booster packs, so guess what? Card spoilers are in with new support for Bamboo Sword, Ojamas and more!!!

[VJMP] Cyberse Accelerator

One of the new cards for the upcoming LINK VRAINS Edition limited edition pack has just been revealed and it helps to boost your Cyberse monsters!

[DBSW] Thunder Weathery Pattern

The poster for the Deck Build Pack: Spirit Warriors has just been revealed, confirming a new card for the Weathery theme! So after their monsters get to bounce all the opponent’s back row, they will bounce the opponent’s monsters too? Weathery is turning out to

[CIBR] Defect Compiler

A new Cyberse has been revealed for Circuit Break from the commercial and it’s Defect Compiler from the previous duel with Blue Angel!

[DBSW] Rain Weathery Pattern

Looks like Weathery is gonna be a theme that considers your card placement! Here’s a new card revealed for the theme and it looks like this is gonna be an annoying deck!