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[COTD] Stargrail’s Beckoned

Finally, the Priestess’s older brother makes an appearance in Code of the Duelist, with Stargrail’s Beckoned! PS: With all this 0 DEF love, maybe Box of Friends will be a good card to use in the deck?

[COTD] Stargrail Swordsman Aurum

The product page for Code of the Duelist has been updated, giving us a clear look at Stargrail Swordsman Aurum and reveals a new “Starelic” monster!

[COTD] Stargrail’s Chosen

Time for another vanilla monster from the Stargrail theme. The childhood friend of the Priestess makes an appearance!

[COTD] Stargrail-Bearing Priestess

One of the monster who owns the flavour text featured on the OCG Official Twitter has been revealed, with Star Grail-Bearing Priestess in Code of the Duelist!