Collection Pack 2020 – Theme Voting Contest

Have a favourite anime theme that hasn’t seen the light of day yet? Here’s your chance to vote for it!

The annual Collection Pack 2020 is coming soon and a voting contest has just been announced where 12 previously unreleased themes will be up for the vote. Only the top voted theme will have their cards released in the Collection Pack 2020!

Details of the voting contest are as follows:
Voting period – 10 January @ 1700 hours ~ 16 January @ 1759 hours (GMT+9)

Themes for vote as follows:
Jean Claude Magnum’s “Ninja” Cards
Tenma Yako’s “The Wicked” related Cards
Alice’s “Doll Parts” Cards
Jim Crocodile Cook’s “Fossil” Cards
The Crimson Devil’s Servant’s “Abyss” Cards
Syd’s “Wheel” Cards
Jin/Fortuno’s “Shaman” Cards
Takashi Todoroki/Caswell Francis’ “Debugger” Cards
Sergy Volkov’s “Thorn Prisoner” Cards
Syuzo Hiiragi/Skip Boyle’s “Guts Master”Cards
Specter’s “Sunavalon” Cards
Blood Shepard’s “Drone” Cards

Mid contest results will be posted on the OCG Official Twitter on 14 January and the winning theme will be similarly posted on 17 January!

To vote, head over to the OCG Card Database!

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