Collection Pack 2020 Voting Results

The results of the theme voting contest for Collection Pack 2020 is in and Fossils are officially coming in the pack!

Jim Crocodile Cook’s “Fossil” deck has won the Collection Pack 2020 theme voting contest, which means the “Fossil” theme will be included in the Collection Pack 2020! More news will be updated in VJump and the official site at a later date.

Here are the full results showing the results of the vote:

  1. Jim Crocodile Cook: ”Fossil” 27.4%
  2. Spector: ”Sunavalon” 23.5%
  3. Yakou Tenma: ”The Wicked” 16.8%
  4. Blood Shepherd: ”Drone” 11.0%
  5. Alice: ”Doll Part” 7.2%
  6. Sergay Volkov: ”Thorn Prisoner” 6.6%
  7. Jean Claude Magnum: ”Ninja” 2.8%
  8. Crimson Demon Familiar: ”Abyss” 2.3%
  9. Jin (Fortuno): ”Shaman” 0.8%
  10. Shuzou Hiiragi (Skip Boyle): ”Guts Master” 0.6%
  11. Takashi Todoroki (Caswell Franscis): Debugger 0.6%
  12. Sid: ”Wheel” 0.5%

Source from OCG Official Twitter

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