[COTD] Stargrail’s Beckoned

Finally, the Priestess’s older brother makes an appearance in Code of the Duelist, with Stargrail’s Beckoned!

PS: With all this 0 DEF love, maybe Box of Friends will be a good card to use in the deck?

星杯に誘われし者 Seihai ni Izanawareshi Mono (Stargrail’s Beckoned)
EARTH Warrior-Type Normal Monster
Lv4 1800/0
A young man who spends all his time fighting Mekstrosities.
Even when the Mekstrosity Insects living around the forest suddenly went on a rampage, he stood his ground and prevented them from breaching the barrier.
His valiant form standing at the frontlines is a source of inspiration for the denizens of the forest, but he wields his spear for the sake of his sister.

Translated by The Organization 
Source from 【公式】遊戯王OCG

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