[CR01-AE] Mannadium is coming to Asia English

Mannadium incoming

CR01-AE067 Manadium Riumheart (Appears to be Super Rare (?))

CR01-AE069 Manadium Meek (Appears to be Common (?))

CR01-AE068 Manadium Fearless (Appears to be common(?))

Cr01-AE073 Peaceful Planet Calarium (Appears to be common(?))

Cr01-AE072 Manadium Abscission (Appears to be Rare(?))

CR01-AE071 Manadium Imaginings (Appears to be Rare(?))

CR01-AE01-AE074 Manadium Breakheart (Appears to be common(?))

*Do note the rarity is guessed based on the artwork and previous reveal

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Facebook

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