[CR02] Creation Pack and +1 pack full list

Know what you can get in the pack and out of the pack.

CR02-AE001 Astrograph Sorcerer
CR02-AE002 Chronograph Sorcerer
CR02-AE003 Supreme King Gate Zero
CR02-AE004 Supreme King Gate Infinity
CR02-AE005 Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm
CR02-AE006 Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes
CR02-AE007 Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom
CR02-AE008 Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing
CR02-AE009 Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion
CR02-AE010 Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon
CR02-AE011 Star Pendulumgraph
CR02-AE012 Time Pendulumgraph
CR02-AE013 Supreme Rage
CR02-AE014 Soul of the Supreme King
CR02-AE015 Stargazer Magician
CR02-AE016 Timegazer Magician
CR02-AE017 Tuning Magician
CR02-AE018 Timebreaker Magician
CR02-AE019 Wisdom-Eye Magician
CR02-AE020 Harmonizing Magician
CR02-AE021 Double Iris Magician
CR02-AE022 Black Fang Magician
CR02-AE023 White Wing Magician
CR02-AE024 Purple Poison Magician
CR02-AE025 Timestar Magician
CR02-AE026 Magician of Hope
CR02-AE027 Beyond the Pendulum
CR02-AE028 Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon
CR02-AE029 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
CR02-AE030 Odd-Eyes Dragon
CR02-AE031 Odd-Eyes Wizard Dragon
CR02-AE032 Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon
CR02-AE033 Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon
CR02-AE034 Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon
CR02-AE035 Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon
CR02-AE036 Odd-Eyes Gravity Dragon
CR02-AE037 Odd-Eyes Pendulumgraph Dragon
CR02-AE038 Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
CR02-AE039 Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
CR02-AE040 Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
CR02-AE041 Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon
CR02-AE042 Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon
CR02-AE043 Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon
CR02-AE044 Sky Iris
CR02-AE045 Spiral Flame Strike
CR02-AE046 Odd-Eyes Advent
CR02-AE047 Pendulum Call
CR02-AE048 T.G. Cyber Magician
CR02-AE049 T.G. Booster Raptor
CR02-AE050 T.G. Tank Grub
CR02-AE051 T.G. Gear Zombie
CR02-AE052 T.G. Drill Fish
CR02-AE053 T.G. Striker
CR02-AE054 T.G. Catapult Dragon
CR02-AE055 T.G. Metal Skeleton
CR02-AE056 T.G. Jet Falcon
CR02-AE057 T.G. Warwolf
CR02-AE058 T.G. Rush Rhino
CR02-AE059 T.G. Screw Serpent
CR02-AE060 T.G. Recipro Dragonfly
CR02-AE061 T.G. Wonder Magician
CR02-AE062 T.G. Power Gladiator
CR02-AE063 T.G. Hyper Librarian
CR02-AE064 T.G. Star Guardian
CR02-AE065 T.G. Blade Blaster
CR02-AE066 Shooting Star Dragon T.G. EX
CR02-AE067 T.G. Halberd Cannon
CR02-AE068 T.G. Trident Launcher
CR02-AE069 TGX1-HL
CR02-AE070 TGX300
CR02-AE071 TGX3-DX2
CR02-AE072 TG-SX1
CR02-AE073 TG1-EM1
CR02-AE074 Watthopper
CR02-AE075 Wattfox
CR02-AE076 Wattbetta
CR02-AE077 Wattlemur
CR02-AE078 Wattdragonfly
CR02-AE079 Wattwoodpecker
CR02-AE080 Wattkiwi
CR02-AE081 Wattsquirrel
CR02-AE082 Wattberyx
CR02-AE083 Wattmole
CR02-AE084 Wattgiraffe
CR02-AE085 Wattpheasant
CR02-AE086 Wattcobra
CR02-AE087 Wattchimera
CR02-AE088 Watthydra
CR02-AE089 Wattcube
CR02-AE090 Wattcine
CR02-AE091 Wattcastle
CR02-AE092 Wattjustment
CR02-AE093 Wattkey
CR02-AE094 Wattrain
CR02-AE095 Wattcannon
CR02-AE096 Wattkeeper
CR02-AE097 Wattcancel
CR02-AE098 Nunu, the Ogdoadic Remnant
CR02-AE099 Nauya, the Ogdoadic Remnant
CR02-AE100 Flogos, the Ogdoadic Boundless
CR02-AE101 Zohah, the Ogdoadic Boundless
CR02-AE102 Keurse, the Ogdoadic Light
CR02-AE103 Aleirtt, the Ogdoadic Dark
CR02-AE104 Aron, the Ogdoadic King
CR02-AE105 Amunessia, the Ogdoadic Queen
CR02-AE106 Ogdoabyss, the Ogdoadic Overlord
CR02-AE107 Ogdoadic Water Lily
CR02-AE108 Ogdoadic Origin
CR02-AE109 Ogdoadic Serpent Strike
CR02-AE110 Ogdoadic Hollow
CR02-AE111 Ogdoadic Calling
CR02-AE112 Labrynth Cooclock
CR02-AE113 Labrynth Stovie Torbie
CR02-AE114 Labrynth Chandraglier
CR02-AE115 Ariane the Labrynth Servant
CR02-AE116 Arianna the Labrynth Servant
CR02-AE117 Labrynth Archfiend
CR02-AE118 Lovely Labrynth of the Silver Castle
CR02-AE119 Lady Labrynth of the Silver Castle
CR02-AE120 Labrynth Labyrinth
CR02-AE121 Labrynth Set-Up
CR02-AE122 Welcome Labrynth
CR02-AE123 Farewelcome Labrynth
CR02-AE124 Labrynth Barrage
CR02-AE125 Big Welcome Labrynth
CR02-AE126 Vanquish Soul Razen
CR02-AE127 Vanquish Soul Pantera
CR02-AE128 Vanquish Soul Heavy Borger
CR02-AE129 Vanquish Soul Dr. Mad Love
CR02-AE130 Vanquish Soul Pluton HG
CR02-AE131 Vanquish Soul Caesar Valius
CR02-AE132 Rock of the Vanquisher
CR02-AE133 Stake your Soul!
CR02-AE134 Vanquish Soul Dust Devil
CR02-AE135 Vanquish Soul – Continue?
CR02-AE136 Vanquish Soul Trinity Burst
CR02-AE137 Vanquish Soul Calamity Caesar
CR02-AE138 Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles
CR02-AE139 Confiras de Nouvelles
CR02-AE140 Poeltis de Nouvelles
CR02-AE141 Foie Glasya de Nouvelles
CR02-AE142 Balameuniere de Nouvelles
CR02-AE143 Baelgrill de Nouvelles
CR02-AE144 Nouvelles Restaurant “At Table”
CR02-AE145 Voici la Carte (Today’s Menu)
CR02-AE146 Recette de Poisson (Fish Recipe)
CR02-AE147 Recette de Viande (Meat Recipe)
CR02-AE148 Recette de Personnel (Staff Recipe)
CR02-AE149 Chef’s Special Recipe
CR02-AE150 Earthbound Prisoner Ground Keeper
CR02-AE151 Earthbound Prisoner Stone Sweeper
CR02-AE152 Earthbound Prisoner Line Walker
CR02-AE153 Earthbound Servant Geo Kraken
CR02-AE154 Earthbound Servant Geo Grasha
CR02-AE155 Earthbound Servant Geo Gremlin
CR02-AE156 Earthbound Servant Geo Gryphon
CR02-AE157 Earthbound Prison
CR02-AE158 Harmonic Synchro Fusion
CR02-AE159 Volcanic Shell
CR02-AE160 Volcanic Scattershot
CR02-AE161 Volcanic Blaster
CR02-AE162 Volcanic Counter
CR02-AE163 Volcanic Slicer
CR02-AE164 Volcanic Rocket
CR02-AE165 Volcanic Hammerer
CR02-AE166 Volcanic Queen
CR02-AE167 Volcanic Doomfire
CR02-AE168 Blaze Accelerator
CR02-AE169 Soul of Fire
CR02-AE170 Tri-Blaze Accelerator
CR02-AE171 Wild Fire
CR02-AE172 Volcanic Recharge
CR02-AE173 Blaze Accelerator Reload
CR02-AE174 Orcust Brass Bombard
CR02-AE175 Orcust Cymbal Skeleton
CR02-AE176 Orcust Harp Horror
CR02-AE177 World Legacy – “World Wand”
CR02-AE178 Orcust Knightmare
CR02-AE179 Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-Knight
CR02-AE180 Galatea, the Orcust Automaton
CR02-AE181 Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator
CR02-AE182 Orcustrion
CR02-AE183 Orcustrated Babel
CR02-AE184 Orcustrated Return
CR02-AE185 Orcustrated Einsatz
CR02-AE186 Orcustrated Attack
CR02-AE187 Orcustrated Core
CR02-AE188 Orcustrated Release
CR02-AE189 Orcust Crescendo
CR02-AE190 Eldlich the Mad Golden Lord
CR02-AE191 Cursed Eldland
CR02-AE192 Eldlixir of Black Awakening
CR02-AE193 Eldlixir of White Destiny
CR02-AE194 Seven Cities of the Golden Land
CR02-AE195 Eldlixir of Scarlet Sanguine
CR02-AE196 Guardian of the Golden Land
CR02-AE197 Huaquero of the Golden Land
CR02-AE198 Conquistador of the Golden Land
CR02-AE199 Golden Land Forever!
CR02-AE200 El Dorado Adelantado

CR02-AES01 Astrograph Sorcerer
CR02-AES02 Chronograph Sorcerer
CR02-AES03 Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm
CR02-AES04 Wisdom-Eye Magician
CR02-AES05 Double Iris Magician
CR02-AES06 Purple Poison Magician
CR02-AES07 Beyond the Pendulum
CR02-AES08 Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon
CR02-AES09 Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon
CR02-AES10 T.G. Screw Serpent
CR02-AES11 T.G. Hyper Librarian
CR02-AES12 Nunu, the Ogdoadic Remnant
CR02-AES13 Nauya, the Ogdoadic Remnant
CR02-AES14 Arianna the Labrynth Servant
CR02-AES15 Lady Labrynth of the Silver Castle
CR02-AES16 Welcome Labrynth
CR02-AES17 Big Welcome Labrynth
CR02-AES18 Vanquish Soul Razen
CR02-AES19 Rock of the Vanquisher
CR02-AES20 Stake your Soul!
CR02-AES21 Voici la Carte (Today’s Menu)
CR02-AES22 Earthbound Prisoner Stone Sweeper
CR02-AES23 Volcanic Shell
CR02-AES24 Volcanic Scattershot
CR02-AES25 Orcust Harp Horror
CR02-AES26 Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-Knight
CR02-AES27 Galatea, the Orcust Automaton
CR02-AES28 Cursed Eldland

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