[CR02] Labrynth coming to Asia English

Labrynth is coming to Asia English this week, and they are high in rarity!

CR02-AE119 Lady Labrynth of The Silver Castle (Appears to be in Secret Rare)

CR02-AE116 Arianna the Labrynth Servant (Appears to be Quarter Century Secret Rare)

Cr02-AE115 Ariane The Labrynth Servant (Appears to be Super Rare)

CR02-AE120 Labrynth Labyrinth (Appears to be Rare)

CR02-AE125 Big Welcome Labrynth (Appears to be Quarter Century Secret Rare)

CR02-AES16 Welcome Labrynth (Appears to be in Secret Rare)[with the set code it appears to be available in the +1 Pack]

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh Asia FB

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