[CR02] Pendulum Magicians are coming to Asia English

Could this bring more pendulum decks to Asia English Meta?

CR02-AE019 Wisdom-Eye Magician (Appears to be in Quarter Century Secret Rare)

CR02-AE021 Double Iris Magician (Appears to be Quarter Century Secret Rare)

Cr02-AE026 Magician of Hope (Appears to be Super Rare)

CR02-AE020 Harmonizing Magician (Appears to be Super Rare)

CR02-AE027 Beyond The Pendulum (Appears to be Quarter Century Secret Rare)

CR02-AES06 Purple Poison Magician (Appears to be in Secret Rare)[with the set code it appears to be available in the +1 Pack]

CR02-AE025 Timestar Magician (Appears to be Common)

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh Asia FB

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