[CT15-TCG] New Elemental HERO & 5D’s Synchro Monster

TCG has just announced their annual Mega-Tins, where they have announced a new Elemental HERO for Jaden and synchro monster for Yusei!

The TCG Mega-Tins for 2018 have been announced, due for release on 30 August 2018. The 2 tins will be based on Jaden (Judai) from GX and Yusei from 5D’s.

The Judai tin will include a new “Elemental HERO” Contact Fusion that is said to “refill your hand, negate a card’s effect until the end of turn, and banish everything on the field”.

The Yusei tin will have a new synchro monster that “fills your field with Tuner monsters! It can also double its ATK when battling a monster the same turn you Synchro Summon it”.

More details on the new promotional card will be updated once more info is given.

Source from TCG Official Website

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