[DAMA] Shooting Star Dragon reprint (+1 Bonus Pack)

Dreams crystallize to open a new door of evolution! Become the path that lights the way! Accel Synchro! Arise! Shooting Star Dragon!

Also, Retort Fusion and Synchro Overtake rarities are confirmed!

Shooting Star Dragon is confirmed to be the reprint in the +1 Bonus Pack!

Synchro Overtake is confirmed to be Super Rare

Retort Fusion is also confirmed to be Super Rare

All rarities of various cards were also shown, such as Chronomaly Vimana

And also all rarities for the Holographic Rare card in the pack, Antagonistic Intelligence ME-PSY-YA

All cards in the set were also shown! Though this only helps us to make out the card types some of the currently unannounced cards are. More information for these cards will be posted after we get better pictures.

Source from VJumplay

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