[DAMA] Sword Master of the Bewitching Iris & Despian Quaeritis concept art

Enjoying your Dawn of Majesty cards? Here’s some concept art to go with it!

Some interesting points mentioned on the concept art:

Left-top: Quaeritis is the result of Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted’s armor

Left-most: Various masks designed for the Despia

Left-bottom: Despian Quaeritis spear edge can extend and open up into a blade

Top-middle: It’s spear is formed from Fleurdelis’ sword and shield

Middle-bottom: It can also morph into a four legged form, which is also the result of the armor’s internal darkness getting compressed

Right-most: A size reference of Quaeritis compared to Dogmatika Maximus


Left-top: In Springans Interluder, the 2 characters with her are Theo and Adin

Left-most: 2 different poses considered for the illustration, of which her surroundings are meant to depict lightning falling on the sand of a barren mountain

Top-most: A swords have a lightning mode

Middle: Her stigmata has been sealed

Bottom-Middle: She is no longer able to fly

Right-most: It’s confirmed she is Fleurdelis, which the concept art also shows her in formal wear without her armor during her Dogmatika days

Right-bottom: It seems that 10 years ago during her Dogmatika days, Ecclesia was assisting her (possibly as a squire or a similar position)

Source from OCG Official Twitter

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