[DANE] Which Starling

The “guess the card name” card from yesterday has finally been revealed, with a bird that can freely gain levels!

星向鳥 Hoshimukudori (Which Starling)
WIND Winged Beast Effect
LV4 1000/1500
(1) This card gains an effect based on your Main Monster Zone it is in.
• Leftmost: Increase its Level by 4.
• Rightmost: Increase its Level by 3.
• Center: Increase its Level by 2.
• Others: Increase its Level by 1.

Note: Its name is a pun on the Japanese term for the common Starling. Its name means literally “Bird facing Stars”, but we went with “Which Starling” to make clear its “Which star(fruit) to pick”.

Translated by The Organization
Source from OCG Official Twitter

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