[DBAG] Abhyss & Doremicode theme names

We got names for the remainder 2 Deck Build Pack: Ancient Guardian themes!

Aside from Ursarctic, Ancient Guardians will also debut the 溟界 (Abhyss) which will make active use of the Graveyard, and ドレミコード (Doremicode / Doremichord) which has effects that can change the Pendulum Scales. Regardless of which theme you choose, this pack will allow you to build the pack easily. More information for 溟界 (Abhyss) and the ドレミコード (Doremicode / Doremichord)  will be released at a later date!

溟界 (Abhyss)

ドレミコード (Doremicode / Doremichord)

Source from Starlight

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