[DBDS] Deck Build Pack – Dark Savers Rarity List

The list of foil cards for Deck Build Pack – Dark Savers have been confirmed! Which of these are you planning to get?

Ultra Rare (Also available as Secret Rare)
Al Dhampir – Vampire Sheridan‎
Lafarl, Hero of the Skyfang Brigade
Brandish Maiden Kagari

Super Rare
Vampire Fräulein
Vampire Domination
Beat, Swordsman of the Skyfang Brigade
Seal, Staff Officer of the Skyfang Brigade
Sajita, Solitary of the Skyfang Brigade
Skyfang Brigade’s Strong Winds
Skyfang Brigade Training
Brandish Maiden Shizuku
Brandish Start-Up Engage
Brandish Skill Afterburner
Brandish Mecha Widow Anchor
Brandish Mechanism Multi-Roll

All other cards are Normal (Commons)

Source from Maxut

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