[DBHS] Prankids Weather

Another fusion monster is out for the Prankids, and this one gives everyone immunity during battle and revives your monsters!

プランキッズ・ウェザー Prankids Weather
WATER Aqua Fusion Effect Monster
LV5 2000/0
Materials: 2 “Prankids” monsters
You can only use the (2) effect of this card once per turn.
(1) If a “Prankids” monster you control attacks, your opponent cannot activate effects until the end of the Damage Step.
(2) During your opponent’s turn (Quick Effect): You can tribute this card, then target 2 “Prankids” monsters with different names in your GY, except Fusion Monsters; Special Summon them, and if you do, they cannot be destroyed by battle this turn.

調皮小子 天氣
融合/效果怪獸 5 水 水族 2000/0

English Translation by The Organization
Chinese Translation by NTUCGM
Source from OCG Official Twitter

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