[DBHS] Three more Mayakashi Synchro monsters!

The product info for Deck Build Pack – Hidden Summoners has been updated to the official website, which reveals 3 new synchro monsters for the Mayakashi theme!

Based on what can be made out, the effects can’t be confirmed now. Only names can be made out for now, though they can’t be 100% confirmed as well due to the low quality picture.

轍の魔妖-朧車 Wadachi no Mayakashi – Oboroguruma (Rickshaw Mayakashi – Oboroguruma)
LV3 Synchro Monster

毒の魔妖-土蜘蛛 Doku no Mayakashi – Tsuchigumo (Poison Mayakashi – Tsuchigumo)
LV5 Synchro Monster

翼の魔妖-天狗 Tsubasa no Mayakashi – Tengu (Winged Mayakashi – Tengu)
LV7 Synchro Monster

Source from OCG Official Site

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