[DP23] Faithful Servant

The last Dark Magician support for the Duelist Pack has finally been revealed which has a nice draw effect added to it!

Tamashii no Shimobe | Servant of the Soul/Faithful Servant
Quick-Play Spell
You can only use the 2nd effect of this card name once per turn.
(1) Place 1 card that specifically lists the card “Dark Magician” or “Dark Magician Girl” in its text, except “Faithful Servant”, or 1 “Dark Magician” from your hand, Deck, or GY on the top of your Deck.
(2) During your Main Phase: You can banish this card from your GY; draw 1 card for each “Palladium Oracle” monster, “Dark Magician”, and “Dark Magician Girl” with different names on the field and in the GYs.

Notes: the idiom hinted at earlier is how in the anime Dark/Yami Yugi refers to Dark Magician, the incarnation of Mahad, an high priest who served Pharaoh Atem (Dark Yugi’s living self) in ancient Egypt. It may be a reference to a belief back then that even in the afterlife the pharaoh would need servants, leading to the royal entourage initially being sacrified upon the ruler’s death, before being mercifully replaced by figures modelled after them getting buried along him later on.

Source from OCG Official Twitter
Translated by The Organization

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