[DP23] Performapal Pop-Up

Draw and getting an extra Pendulum Summon all in 1 card! What’s not to like for this new Performapal support? It even works as a draw engine for any deck!

Entermate Pop-Up (Performapal Pop-Up)
Normal Spell Card
You can only activate 1 of this card’s name per turn.
(1) Send up to 3 cards from your hand to the GY; draw that many cards, then, if you have 2 cards in your Pendulum Zones, you can Special Summon “Performapal” monsters, “Magician” Pendulum Monsters, and/or “Odd-Eyes” monsters with different names and Levels between (exclusive) the Pendulum Scales of the cards in your Pendulum Zones up to number of cards you drew. If you do not Special Summon, you lose 1000 LP for each card in your hand.

Source from OCG Official Twitter
Translated by The Organization

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