[Duel Links] Bonz in Duel World!

Having fun with GX World? It’s time to head back into the Duel Monster series with the new event featuring Bonz from Duelist Kingdom!

For a limited time, Bonz (Known as “Ghost” Kotsuzuka in the Japanese anime) from Duelist Kingdom will make an appearance in Duel Links under the Duel Monster series. Note that he will not show up in GX World.

Campaign period: 12 October 4.20pm to 20 October 2.00pm (Japan time GMT+9)

By dueling him, you will receive the following rewards.

Win 1 Duel against Bonz: Armored Zobie
Win 3 Duels against Bonz: Ghostrick Skeleton
Win 7 Duels against Bonz: Castle of Dark Illusions
Play 10 Duels against Bonz: Call of the Mummy
Play 15 Duels against Bonz: Pumpking the King of GHosts
Achieve 1 No Damage win in Duels against Bonz using Joey Wheeler: Card Sleeves – Realm of the Pumpking
Achieve 3 No Damage wins in Duels against Bonz using Joey Wheeler: Game Mat – Realm of the Pumpking

He also has a summoning animation for Pumpking the King of Ghosts!

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