[Duel Links] Dr. Crowler’s Tricky Tests & Sato Kaiba Birthday Celebration Campaign

No Duel Academy is complete without it’s head professor so it’s time to bring in Dr. Crowler (Professor Chronos) to Duel Links! Also make sure you get your Seto Kaiba exclusive birthday card sleeves!

Duel Links has been updated with a new event, Dr. Crowler’s Tricky Tests where players now have a chance to get Dr. Crowler (Professor Chronos) as a playable character!

Similar to past events, Dr. Crowler’s Tricky Tests requires you to defeat duelists to get the event exclusive item, which this time is Academy Notebooks. Gather them to challenge Dr. Crowler at the gate and obtain event points!

Once you reach a certain level in event points, you will obtain additional rewards such as Crowler themed sleeves and mat. With 300,000 points, you will obtain Vellian Crowler as a playable character.

His level 40 rewards include:
– Eyes the Infinity (SR)
– Ancient Gear Engineer (SR)
– Ancient Gear Knight (SR)
– Ancient Gear Fist (SR)
– Ancient Gear Workshop (SR)
– Ancient Gear Beast (R)
– Ancient Gear Soldier (R)
– Ancient Gear Factory (R)
– Ancient Gear Drill (R)
– Statue of the Wicked (R)

Also in-line with Sato Kaiba’s birthday (October 25th), a special campaign has been announced. By playing 10 duels as Kaiba, you will receive Sato Kaiba birthday card sleeves and 500 gems!

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