[Duel Links] Empire of Scarlet Mini BOX

A new Mini BOX has been announced for Duel Links, bringing about vampires and Inzektors to the mobile game!

A new MINI Box “Empire of Scarlet” has been announced for Duel Links, due for release on August 8.

In addition, the amount of card types / packs in the boxes will be adjusted from this pack onwards to assist with the difficulty of building decks from Main BOXes. This change will take effect from Empire of Scarlet.
Main BOX: 100 Types / 200 Packs -> 90 Types / 180 Packs
Mini BOX: 40 Types / 80 Packs -> 50 Types / 100 Packs

Ultra Rare:
Vampire Scarlet Scourge
Inzektor Centipede
Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon

Super Rare:
Vampire Familiar
Vampire Retainer
Inzektor Giga-Mantis
Hammer Bounzer
Wall of Illusion
Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
Mithra the Thunder Vassal
Vampire Kingdom
Bashing Shield
Flash of the Forbidden Spell

Vampire Vamp
Inzektor Hopper
Swallowtail Butterspy
Moonlit Papillon
Nature Horneedle
Cyber Ogre
Goblin Decoy Squad
Elemental HERO Necroid Shaman
Cyber Ogre 2
Vampire’s Desire
Inzektor Sword – Zektkaliber
Berserk Scales
Pyramid of Wonders
Vampire Takeover
Inzektor Orb
Cyber Shadow Gardna

Vampire Grimson
Inzektor Ladybug
Inzektor Ant
Inzektor Earwig
Inzektor Giga-Cricket
Phantom Bounzer
Blade Bounzer
Morpho Butterspy
Naturia Spiderfang
Nature White Oak
Witch’s Apprentice
Dreadscythe Harvester
Greed Quasar
Vampire’s Domain
Final Inzektion
Extra Net
Cross Breed
Variable Form
Byroad Sacrifice
Pulling the Rug

Source from Duel Links official site

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