[Duel Links] GX World

Time for the next set of legend duelists to get into the world of Duel Links! It’s time for Duel Links GX World!

A brand new world has just been announced for Duel Links, announcing new characters and a whole new world coming on September 28! Duel Links will also be coming to the computer where the data can be linked with your mobile data in Winter 2017!

Judai (Jaden Yuki) is of course in the game as GX’s protagonist!

Main rival Manjoume (Chazz Princeton) is also confirmed for the game.

Asuka (Alexis Rhodes) and her Cyber Angels are included.

Even Edo (Aster Phoenix) and his Destiny HEROs will be in too!

Misawa makes a fun cameo at the end to confirm he is in the game too!

The game will be set in Duel Academy, the main stage for GX!

The legend characters from different worlds will be able to battle each other too!

The summoning animation for Elemental HERO News is also shown in the promotional video below!

Source from OCG Official YouTube, @sumsonDL, YU-GI-OH.jp, Duel Links Official Facebook Page

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