[Duel Links] Jesse Anderson in Duel World!

An old favourite from the GX series has just entered Duel Links! It’s time to welcome Johan (Jesse) Anderson into the Duel World!

Johan (Jesse) has just been introduced to Duel Links as a character that you can duel against in the Duel World. Duel with him to obtain Crystal Beast cards and more! Rewards are shown below.

Event missions are available where various cards can be obtained for dueling against him.

Event Mission Reward
Play 15 Duels SR “Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger”
Win 7 Duels SR “Crystal Beacon”
Win 3 Duels R “Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat”
Win 1 Duel R “Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle”
Achieve 1 No Damage win R “Triggered Summon”
Successfully perform 3 Tribute Summons R “Crystal Tree”


You can also obtain the following Event Exclusive Cards by dueling against him.

SR “Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger”
SR “Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth”
SR “Phantom Skyblaster”
SR “Crystal Beacon”
SR “Rainbow Life”
R “Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle”
R “Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat”
R “Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle”
R “Crystal Tree
R “Triggered Summon”

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