Duel Links – KC cup November 2019 Begins!!!

It’s time for another KC cup yet again!!! Time to see where you stand among all the duelist in the world!

1st Stage of Kc cup would be form 14 Nov 2019 to 25 Nov 2019

2nd Stage starts on the 22 Nov 2019 to 25 Nov 2019!

You will be able to unlock Stage 2 after you reach DLv. Max in Stage 1.

Lets not forget if you are ranked 1st in the 2nd stage in terms of global ranking, you will receive an invitation to WCS 2020!!!

For the first 7 times you play in the KC cup, you will get the following rewards!

You can also receive gems and special packs, for the first 4 times you play in KC cup everyday. So don’t forget to get this free gems!

For the 1st Stage for every Dlv. you reach you will also be rewarded.

And depending on your final standing in 2nd stage, you will get more rewards too.



Source Duel Links App



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