[Duel Links] Mokuba and more updates

Time for a new character to enter the fray with Mokuba!! And also get some new cards at the same time~

Mokuba has been introduced into the game as a character in the Duel World. He will be available until June 28, 1p.m. (GMT +8).

Notable rewards for dueling Mokuba include:
Darkflare Dragon
Kidmodo Dragon
Divine Dragon Apocralyph
Advance Draw

At the same time, the level cap for characters has been increased to level 40, bringing about new rewards including cards, gems and jewels.

Notable rewards include:
Blue Flame Swordsman (Joey)
Amazoness Paladin (Mai)
Van’Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord (Yugi)
Fossil Dig (Rex Raptor)
Dark Ruler Ha Des (Bakura)

To help everyone level up to the higher levels, there is a x1.5 EXP campaign currently going on till June 28, 1p.m. (GMT +8).

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