[Duel Links] New Characters, KC Cup & More November Events!

Aiming to qualify for World Championship 2018’s Duel Links category? The first step to take is here with the KC cup details announced! Also new characters and more events coming up in November!A new character is coming soon for the GX World, and going by the text it’s gonna be Jesse Anderson (Johan Andersen)! Crystal Beasts anyone?

For players who missed the past events to obtain Pegasus and the Paradox Brothers, there will be added into the gate soon, giving you another chance to get them.

Duel Monster World is also not to be forgotten with what seems to be Espa Roba (Esper Roba) added into the game soon. Give me my Jinzo!!

Lastly the D.D. Tower event is back, now with the Water Dimension.Finally, the much awaited KC Cup is coming up. Advance in the KC Cup into the 2nd stage and the top 500 Duelists from there will get to play in the Regional Representative WCS 2018 Qualifiers!
The KC Cup will start from 9 November onwards, with the 2nd stage opening up on 17 November and the entire event ending on 20 November. Good luck to everyone aiming for the World Championship Duel Links category!

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