Duel Links – PVP Turbo Duel!!! Card Trader Update & Duel Quest!

There will be turbo duel for PVP soon! Turbo duel ACCELERATION!!!

First you can get 50 gems by dueling with Yusei Fudo!

From 28th October 2019 to 5th November 2019, there will be a new PVP format, “TURBO DUEL”!!!

In the turb duels, you can use EX Skills by spending speed counters

Duel quest is also making a return, where you get more rewards if you play against both Yubel and Jaden/Yubel a certain number of times.

The featured card this time is “Toy Soldier” ! And you will be able to get a 3rd copy of “Zombie World”!!!

Lastly a Card Trader update!!! 3 cards added with the only new card being, “Neutron Blast”!

Source Duel Links app.

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