[Duel Links] Rex Raptor’s Dino Mayhem & Japanese Audio options

It’s time for the Roaring Rex Raptor event, where plays can get more Dinosaur themed cards, including “Jurassic World” which was previously only available through Rex’s skill. Also, non Japanese Duel Links players are now able to change the audio language to hear the Japanese voice actors!

Non-Japanese players are now able to change the audio language of the game so that they get to hear the Japanese voice actors, just by changing the language settings. However this is limited to the audio only and they will still be unable to change the text language to Japanese.

Note: The English text and the Japanese audio do not match. Also, if you want to change your text to Japanese as well, here’s a video that you can check out!

A new Rex Raptor event has also started, titled Rex Raptor’s Dino Mayhem. In this event, Roaring Rex Raptor will show up in the Duel World, who you can duel to fill up your duel meter and obtain cards, including the previously unavailable “Jurassic World” and “Destroyersaurus” cards.

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